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Susan Bransen

Executive Director, California Transportation Commission

Susan Bransen

Ms. Bransen serves as the California Transportation Commission's (Commission) Executive Director, reporting to the thirteen-member Commission. She has a major role in affecting the outcome of all policies and actions adopted by the Commission including the programming and allocation of several billion dollars annually for the construction of highway, passenger rail, transit and active transportation improvements throughout California.

Ms. Bransen’s career spans more than 25 years in transportation. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Bransen served as the Commission’s Chief Deputy Director responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Commission, serving as the chief of staff and policy advisor to the Commission’s Executive Director. In addition to positions held with the Commission, she previously served as the California Department of Transportation’s Director of Audits and Investigations. In this position she was responsible for managing a complex and comprehensive audit and investigative program with responsibility for advising on the integrity of activities performed by a workforce of more than 20,000 and annual expenditures in excess of $12 billion.

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