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California Transportation Commission (CTC)

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) was established in 1978 by Assembly Bill 402 (Chapter 1106, Statutes of 1977) out of a growing concern for a single, unified California transportation policy. The CTC replaced and assumed the responsibilities of four independent bodies: The California Highway Commission, the State Transportation Board, the State Aeronautics Board, and the California Toll Bridge Authority.

The CTC consists of eleven voting members and two non-voting ex-officio members. Of the eleven voting members, nine are appointed by the Governor, one is appointed by the Senate Rules Committee, and one is appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. The two ex-officio non-voting members are appointed from the State Senate and Assembly, usually the respective chairs of the transportation policy committee in each house.

The CTC is responsible for the programming and allocating of funds for the construction of highway, passenger rail, active transportation, aeronautics, and transit improvements throughout California. The CTC also advises and assists the Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California's transportation programs. The CTC is also an active participant in the initiation and development of State and Federal legislation that seeks to secure financial stability for the State's transportation needs.

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Upcoming Events


May 17, 2017

California Transportation Commission Meeting

The Dana on Mission Bay
1710 W. Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA 92109

To view the live webcast of this meeting, please visit: http://ctc.dot.ca.gov/webcast


May 18, 2017

California Transportation Commission/Self-Help Counties Coalition Town Hall Meeting

The Dana on Mission Bay
1710 W. Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA 92109


April 21, 2017

Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

Caltrans District 11
Garcia Auditorium
4050 Taylor Street
San Diego, CA

To view the live webcast of this meeting, please visit: http://ctc.dot.ca.gov/webcast


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California Freight Investment Program (CFIP)

California Freight Investment Program Upcoming Workshop Dates and Locations

Draft California Freight Investment Program Guidelines 03/13/17 UPDATED!


Active Transportation Program (ATP)

2017 Active Transportation Program (ATP)

California Road Charge Pilot Program

Road Charge Pilot Program Page

State Transportation Improvement Fund (STIP)

Highway Railroad Crossing Safety Account (HRCSA)

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) California Transportation Plan (CTP)

Recently Adopted

Toll Facility Application Guidelines Implementing AB 194 (Frazier, 2015)

2016 Aeronautics Account Fund Estimate


News/Press Releases

Governor Brown, Senate President pro Tempore and Assembly Speaker to Discuss Landmark Road Repair and Transportation Package

2017 Active Transportation Program Adoption (3rd Cycle)

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Press Release: Governor Brown signs AB 2289 (Frazier)