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General Overview: SB 1

The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, Senate Bill (SB) 1, provides the first significant, stable, and on-going increase in state transportation funding in more than two decades. The Legislature has increased revenues and expanded the Commission’s role to provide transparent oversight and accountability for transportation infrastructure investments.

SB 1, “presents a balance of new revenues and reasonable reforms to ensure efficiency, accountability, and performance from each dollar invested to improve California’s transportation system.” As an independent public agency, the Commission has been directed to ensure two specific goals:

  1. Direct increased revenue to the state’s highest transportation needs; and
  2. Fairly distribute the economic impact of increased funding between all users.

SB 1 Implementation Plan

The California Transportation Commission has unanimoulsy approved the following implementation plan. The SB 1 Implementation Plan discusses the timelines for the guidelines development process for each program that wll be impacted by SB 1. The Workshops are open to State and Federal Agencies, Tribal Governments, Regional and Local Agencies, as well as organizations representing environmental, social equity, land-use and business perspectives, and interested stakeholders.

SB 1 Programs

Consistent with our mission to ensure a safe, financially sustainable, world-class multimodal transportation system, the Commission has immediately begun to develop and adopt guidelines for the following programs:

Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, provides funding for corridor-based freight projects nominated by local agencies and the state.

SB1 Accountability Guidelines

November 16th Workshop Agenda

November 16th Workshop Presentation


Active Transportation Program Augmentation, provides dedicated funding for bike lanes, pedestrian paths, sidewalks, safe routes to schools and other projects that help reduce reliance on the automobile.

Increased oversight and funding for the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP), provides funding for major State highway repair, safety and operational improvements.

State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Stabilization, provides reliable funding for new priority projects.

Accountabililty and Transparency Reports

SB 1 also places upon the Commission the responsibility to track the performance of all these programs and report to the public how well funding recipients are delivering on promises made to the taxpayers.  A separate web page is under development and will be dedicated to regular reporting on the use of SB 1 funds.


SB 1 Scheduled Events/Workshops

The Commission will hold an SB 1 implementation kickoff meeting in Sacramento on June 8 and 9, 2017, for interested stakeholders to learn about the SB 1 programs under the purview of the Commission and the Commission’s development of guidelines to implement these programs. The meeting on June 8th will include a high-level overview of SB 1 and perspectives from legislative, administrative, regional, local, environmental, social equity, business, industry and other representatives to inform efforts to implement SB 1 programs. The June 9th workshops will initiate development of program guidelines necessary to implement new and augment existing Commission programs. 

The June 8th kick-off meeting will be webcast.  A conference line will be established for the June 9th workshop meeting. Public comment for these events can be sent to ctc@dot.ca.gov. Please indicate the program in your subject line.

The agenda and webcast/conference line information are provided below:

Press Releases

The Commission issued the following press release related to the implementation of SB 1 programs. 

Commission Contact

For additional SB 1 information, please contact Mitchell Weiss, Commission’s Programming Deputy Director by email at mitchell.weiss@dot.ca.gov or by phone at (916) 653-2072.