State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP)

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The Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006, approved by the voters as Proposition 1B on November 7, 2006, authorized $1 billion to be deposited in the State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP) Account for allocation by the California Transportation Commission over a five-year period to eligible transportation projects that were nominated by an applicant transportation agency. The Bond Act required a dollar for dollar match of local funds for an applicant agency to receive state funds under the program.

Through the end of the five-year SLPP period that ended June 30, 2013, the Commission allocated $981 million for 279 SLPP projects, with $19 million set aside for administration. By law no further allocations can be made from the SLPP Account. The Commission’s role is now limited to project delivery and accountability.

As of June 30, 2017, the number of programmed projects has dropped to 257. From the programmed projects, 229 projects have completed construction, 192 submitted Final Delivery Reports, and 28 projects are in construction.

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