Senate Bill (SB) 1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

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SB 1 Funding Programs

Local Partnership Program (LPP)

Another new program created by SB 1 is the Local Partnership Program. The purpose of this program is to provide local and regional transportation agencies that have passed sales tax measures, developer fees, or other imposed transportation fees with a continuous appropriation of $200 million annually to fund road maintenance and rehabilitation, sound walls, and other transportation improvement projects. The Commission is responsible for guidelines development and administration of this program.

The development of Local Partnership Program guidelines was initiated in June 2017, in consultation with stakeholders representing state, regional, and local government entities, as well as private industry and advocacy groups. Throughout the summer, the Commission held public workshops in locations around the state and engaged transportation interests at the local and regional level to solicit feedback on program guidance and structure. Based on stakeholder input received, the Local Partnership Program is modeled closely after the Proposition 1B State-Local Partnership Program in the areas of project eligibility, distribution of formula funds based on population and revenue generation, match requirement, and project selection criteria. Program funds will be distributed through a 50% statewide competitive component and a 50% formula component.

To finalize the policy, standards, criteria, and procedures for the development and management of the Local Partnership Program, the Commission continued to conduct robust stakeholder outreach through early Fall 2017. Program guidelines were adopted at the October 2017 Commission meeting with the Commission intent to adopt a program of projects in Spring 2018.

LPP Background Documents

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