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Senate Bill (SB) 1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

Local Streets and Roads Program (LSRP)

SB 1 dedicated approximately $1.5 billion per year in new formula revenues apportioned by the State Controller (Controller) to cities and counties for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation, and critical safety projects on the local streets and roads system.

To be eligible to receive funding from the Controller, each year, cities and counties must submit a proposed project list adopted at a regular meeting by their board or council that is then submitted to the California Transportation Commission (Commission). Once reviewed and adopted by the Commission, the list of eligible cities and counties to receive funding is sent to the Controller to begin the apportionment process for that fiscal year.

In an effort to promote accountability and transparency in accordance with SB 1, the proposed project lists submitted by the cities and counties for funding eligibility are published on both this webpage and the Rebuilding California website. In addition to the lists, notices to adopt for funding eligibility and all other program related matters requiring Commission action are published on the Commission's website and conducted at a public meetings.

Cities and counties must provide an Annual Project Expenditure Report to the Commission for each year in which program funding was received and expended. The Commission will then report the information collected in its Annual Report to the California Legislature that is due December 15, each year. The Annual Project Expenditure Report outcomes will also be published on the Commission’s website.

During the first year in which the Local Streets and Roads Funding Program received new SB 1 revenue, 537 cities and counties received eligibility to receive their share of roughly $386 million to be distributed by formula and disbursed by the Controller on a monthly basis. Roughly 4,096 local streets and roads projects were proposed that ranged from road maintenance and repair, to pre-construction efforts, and additional public works operational needs.

Program Benefits

SB 1 created new funding that is available to cities and counties for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation, and critical safety projects. As a result of this new revenue, communities can anticipate seeing more potholes filled, pavement repaired, lanes restriped, and crosswalks and sidewalks brought up to code.

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Expenditure Reporting

    Project Lists due to Commission May 1st each year
    Commission Adopts Initial List of Eligible Cities and Counties June Commission Meeting each year
    Commission Submits Initial List to Controller No later than June 30th each year
    Subsequent Eligibility Project Lists due to Commission August 1st each year (if needed)
    Commission Adopts Subsequent List of Eligible Cities and Counties August Commission Meeting each year (if needed)
    Commission Submits Subsequent List to Controller No later than August 31st each year (if needed)
    Annual Reporting of Fiscal Year Expenditures due to Commission October 1st each year
    Informational Update to Commission December Commission Meeting each year

CTC LSRP Contact

For additional information on the Local Streets and Roads Program, please contact:

Alicia Sequeira Smith
Assistant Deputy Director
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 651-6143
Elika Changizi
Staff Services Analyst
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 653-3159