Senate Bill (SB) 1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

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SB 1 Funding Programs

Local Streets and Roads Program (LSRP)

SB 1 dedicated approximately $1.5 billion per year in new formula revenues apportioned by the State Controller (Controller) to cities and counties for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation, and critical safety projects on the local streets and roads system. To promote accountability and transparency in the delivery of local transportation programs, SB 1 established basic annual project reporting requirements for cities and counties associated with these new revenues. To be eligible to receive funding from the Controller, each year cities and counties are required to submit a list of proposed projects to the Commission and a project expenditure report at the end of the year detailing the description, location, amount of funds expended, and estimated useful life of improvements constructed with program funding. The Commission will annually receive and review project lists and reports for completeness and provide to the Controller a statewide list of cities and counties that are eligible to receive funds.

The Controller is responsible for apportioning funds to cities and counties as well as auditing the expenditure of those funds.

The Commission's role in this program is focused on compiling and sharing general project information to promote public understanding of how these new revenues are put to work on the local system. To fulfill its role, the Commission will work in partnership with cities, counties and the Controller’s office to annually gather and analyze project data and promote transparency & accountability by providing this information in an online format that is easily understood by, and accessible to, the public.

The Commission initiated the guidelines development process in June 2017, to ensure timely roll-out of this program and to facilitate putting the SB 1 Local Streets and Roads funding to work as soon as possible. Throughout the spring and summer, the Commission worked collaboratively with local and state partners and other stakeholders to develop the program reporting guidelines that were adopted by the Commission in August 2017. Initial project lists from cities and counties were due October 16th and in early December the Commission anticipates adopting and transmitting to the Controller a statewide list of cities and counties eligible to receive FY 2017-18 funding. The Controller estimates providing the first monthly apportionments of new local streets and roads program funding to cities and counties in January 2018. The Commission looks forward to receiving the first round of project expenditure reports from cities and counties in October 2018, aggregating this information and sharing it with the public and the Legislature by December 2018.

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    For additional information on the Local Streets and Roads Program, please contact:

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