Senate Bill (SB) 1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

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Accountability and Reform Measures

SB 1 includes a number of reforms:

  • Requires the Commission to allocate Caltrans' Capital Outlay Support (preconstruction) for SHOPP projects, consistent with the Commission’s recommendation in the 2016 Annual Report.
  • Requires the newly created Independent Office of Audits & Investigations within Caltrans to ensure the Administration, Legislature, and Commission are fully informed concerning fraud, improper activities or other serious abuses or deficiencies related to the expenditure of transportation funds or administration of Caltrans’ programs and operations.
  • Creates an Advance Mitigation program to accelerate project delivery while meeting applicable environmental requirements, and funds the program with an annual set aside of $30 million for the next four years from the annual appropriations for the STIP and the SHOPP.
  • Requires Caltrans to include in their Transportation Asset Management Plan the condition targets for various assets that are included in the bill, and requires the Commission to hold Caltrans accountable to achieving those targets through regular reporting. These targets include:

    • 98 percent of pavement in good or fair condition
    • 90 percent of culverts in good or fair condition
    • 90 percent of transportation management system units in good condition
    • 500 or more bridges fixed
  • Requires the Commission to hold accountable both Caltrans and the cities/counties receiving road repair and maintenance funding through annual reporting.
  • Requires Caltrans to implement efficiency measures to generate savings (at least $100 million each year) to invest in maintenance and rehabilitation of the state highway system, and to report annually to the Commission the savings it achieves.
  • Sunsets the Traffic Congestion Relief Program.

Accountability and Transparency Reports

SB 1 also places upon the Commission the responsibility to track the performance of all SB 1 funded programs under its purview and report to the public how well recipients of SB 1 funds are delivering on promises made to the taxpayers. A separate webpage is under development and will be dedicated to regular reporting on the use of SB 1 funds.

CTC SB 1 Accountability and Transparency Information

Baseline Agreements

Accountability and Transparency Guidelines

Commission Contact

For additional SB 1 Accountability and Reform information, please contact:

Laura Pennebaker
Acting Deputy Director - Programming
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 653-7121