Senate Bill (SB) 1 Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

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SB 1 Augmented Funding Programs

State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP)

SB 1 increased the Commission’s responsibility and accountability with regard to the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP). The additional SB 1 SHOPP investment, estimated at approximately $1.5 billion annually, is earmarked to improve the condition of the State Highway System (SHS); and an additional $400 million annually identified specifically for maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges and culverts also along SHS. SB 1 requires the Commission to adopt and manage the SHOPP in a transparent and accountable manner, similar to the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), the Proposition 1B bond programs, and other programs under the Commission’s purview.

Specific SB 1 measures that increase the Commission’s role in enhancing the transparency and accountability of the SHOPP include:

  • Commission review and adoption of the four-year SHOPP document, after conducting Northern and Southern California public hearings.
  • Review of project budgets, delivery milestone dates, and performance measures for all projects included in the four-year SHOPP document.
  • Oversight of the development and management of the SHOPP program including authority to:
    • Review and program all proposed project scopes, costs and schedules.
    • Review and approve all changes to programmed project scopes, costs and schedules.
    • Allocate funds to all project development phases.
    • Allocate project construction funds including construction support.

SB 1 codified the Commission-adopted performance measures and targets for the four primary Transportation Asset Management Program (TAMP) asset classes: pavement, bridges, culverts, and transportation management systems (TMS) elements. The performance targets included in SB 1 direct that over the next ten years not less than:

  • 98% of pavement on the state highway system be in good or fair condition
  • 90% of culverts be in good or fair condition
  • 90% of TMS units be in good condition
  • An additional 500 bridges be fixed

Meeting the transparency and accountability requirements, along with asset performance measures and goals, requires a fundamental change in the development and management of the SHOPP. Procedures to address these changes are encompassed in the Interim SHOPP guidelines and Transportation Asset Management Plan guidelines adopted by the Commission in June 2017.

Additional information on the SHOPP is available on CTC's SHOPP page.

Commission Contact

For additional SB 1 State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Augmentation information, please contact:

Teri Anderson
Assistant Chief Engineer
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 653-0218