The California Transportation Commission (Commission) advises and assists the Secretary of Transportation and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California’s transportation programs. The Commission accomplishes this in the following ways:

  • Responds to legislative inquiries. (Legislation Review Policy (PDF))
  • Tracks, monitors, and evaluates legislative proposals and identifies high priority bills of interest to the Commission.
  • Pursues legislative action on Commission recommendations.
  • Reviews enacted legislation to determine Commission responsibilities under new or revised laws and coordinates the preparation of related implementation plans.
  • Develops policy and methodology for financing transportation programs.
  • Develops statewide guidelines for programming and administering new and/or existing programs. This includes development of Commission policies on statewide programming guidelines and/or procedures.
  • Advises Caltrans and recipient agencies in programming requirements.


Contact Information

Justin Behrens
Deputy Director – Legislation and Finance
California Transportation Commission
Email: Justin.Behrens@catc.ca.gov
Phone: (279) 203-1476

Zack Taylor
Legislative Analyst – Legislation and Finance
California Transportation Commission
Email: Zack.Taylor@catc.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 654-4245