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The 13-member California Transportation Commission (CTC)  is responsible for programming and allocating funds for the construction of highway, passenger rail, transit and active transportation improvements throughout California. The Commission also advises and assists the Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California’s transportation programs. 

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California Transportation Commission Meeting - Riverside

December 2(W) - 3(Th), 2020

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California Transportation Commission Meeting

January 27(W) – 28(TH), 2021 

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California Transportation Commission Meeting - San Diego

March 24(W) - 25(TH), 2021

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Due to the significant impacts of the current COVID-19 crisis, the Commission revised the 2020 SB 1 competitive program schedules. Below is an agenda item outlining the changes. Staff recommendations are located in the SB 1 information box to the right.

California Transportation Commission Approves $2 Billion for 56 New Projects that Will Create More than 100,000 Jobs
Published: December 2, 2020



Interim Timely Used of Funds Policy - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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