Welcome to the California Transportation Commission

The 13-member California Transportation Commission (CTC)  is responsible for programming and allocating funds for the construction of highway, passenger rail, transit and active transportation improvements throughout California. The Commission also advises and assists the Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California’s transportation programs. 

Upcoming Events

California Transportation Commission Meeting

May 18(W) - 19(TH), 2022

Fresno, CA

May 18(W) - 19(TH) Meeting Information

California Transportation Commission Meeting

June 29(W) - 30(TH), 2022

Sacramento, CA

June 29(W) - 30(TH) Meeting Information

Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

July 22(F), 2022

Location - TBD

July 22(F) Meeting Information

Senate Bill (SB) 1 - Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

Logo for SB1 Rebuilding California

2022 SB 1 Competitive Programs Guideline Development Workshops

Commission Leadership