Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) Program

The Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEM) was established by the Legislature in 1989 to fund environmental enhancement and mitigation projects directly or indirectly related to transportation projects. EEM Program projects must fall within one of three categories: highway landscape and urban forestry; resource lands; or roadside recreation. Projects funded under this program must provide environmental enhancement and mitigation over and above that otherwise called for under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Streets and Highways Code Section 164.56 mandates that the California Natural Resources Agency (Resources Agency) evaluate projects submitted for the program and that the Commission award grants to fund projects recommended by the Resources Agency. Any local, state, or federal agency or nonprofit entity may apply for and receive grants. The agency or entity need not be a transportation- or highway-related organization, but it must be able to demonstrate an adequate charter or enabling authority to carry out the type of project proposed. Two or more entities may participate in a joint project, with one designated as the lead agency.

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