Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) Program

The Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) Program was established by the state Legislature in 1989 to fund environmental enhancement and mitigation projects (in)directly related to the environmental impact of modifying new or existing transportation facilities.

Pursuant to Streets and Highways Code Section 164.56 the California Natural Resources Agency administers the EEM Program and evaluates project proposals to recommend projects for funding to the Commission. The Commission awards annual grants to fund projects as recommended by the California Natural Resources Agency.

Any local, state, or federal agency, or nonprofit entity may apply for and receive funding to undertake environmental enhancement and mitigation projects. Eligible projects must fit at least one of the following three categories:

  1. Urban Forestry - projects designed to offset vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide.
  2. Resource Lands - projects for acquisition or enhancement of resource lands to mitigate the loss of, or the detriment to, resource lands lying within the right-of-way acquired for proposed transportation improvements.
  3. Mitigation Projects Beyond the Scope of the Lead Agency - projects to mitigate the impact of proposed transportation facilities or to enhance the environment, where the ability to effectuate the mitigation or enhancement measures is beyond the scope of the lead agency responsible for assessing the environmental impact of the proposed transportation improvement

Funded Projects

All documents linked below include the respective funding year’s Commission book item, Commission resolution, California Natural Resources Agency request, and the list of projects.

Contact Information

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Associate Deputy Director
California Transportation Commission
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