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The Commission is authorized to prepare guidelines for the development of three types of long-range planning documents: Regional Transportation Plans, the California Transportation Plan, and Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plans.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Guidelines

Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs) are prepared by regional agencies to identify a 20-year vision for transportation priorities and investments. The RTP Guidelines articulate the federal and state requirements for the development of RTPs, as well as provide resources and planning practice examples. Additional background information regarding the RTP Guidelines development process is available on Caltrans’ RTP Guidelines webpage.

On January 18, 2017, the Commission adopted the 2017 Regional Transportation Plan Guidelines for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs). 

California Transportation Plan (CTP) Guidelines

 Federal and state law requires Caltrans to prepare the California Transportation Plan (CTP), which describes the state’s transportation system priorities and serves as the guiding document for statewide and regional transportation policy. The CTP Guidelines provide high-level direction to Caltrans on the development and structure of the CTP and identify the federal and state requirements necessary for the plan’s preparation and content.

Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan (CMCP) Guidelines

Information on the Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan Guidelines is available here.

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