Aeronautics Committee

Committee on Aeronautics, Technical Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (TACA)

Government Code Section 14506.5 states, in part, that "In order to perform its duties and functions, the commission shall organize itself into at least the following four committees: (a) The Committee on Aeronautics, which shall consider issues related to aeronautics…" GC 14506.5 states that "the chairman shall appoint a Technical Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, after consultation with members of the aviation industry, airport operators, pilots, and other aviation interest groups and experts, as appropriate. This Technical Advisory Committee shall give technical advice to the Committee on Aeronautics on the full range of aviation issues to be considered by the commission."

Committee on Aeronautics Membership

TACA Membership

Current membership of the TACA includes representatives from general aviation airports, airport associations, industry, the Federal Aviation Administration, and others. The TACA convenes as determined necessary by the Commission’s Committee on Aeronautics for purposes of considering aeronautic issues and providing recommendations directly to the full Commission.

Aeronautics Program Guidelines

Contact Information

Matthew Yosgott
Deputy Director 
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 651-6431

Aeronautics Program Information

More information on the Commission's Aeronautics Program is available here.