Proposition 1B

Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006

On August 27th 2015, the Commission approved, and on September 4, 2015, released a report entitled "Promises Made, Promises Kept (PDF)" which highlighted the management and outcomes of the Proposition 1B program. The report provided an overview of the projects delivered through the programs administered by the Commission and highlighted the efficient management and effective partnerships built between regional transportation planning agencies, Caltrans, and the Commission to leverage additional dollars and deliver even more projects than originally promised. The Commission believes that the successful management of Proposition 1B funds provides a strong track record of past success that demonstrates a clear path forward for future investment.

A key element of the Commission's responsibility for accountability as an administrative agency for specific bond programs is submitting reports to the Department of Finance. The purpose of the reporting is to ensure that projects are proceeding on schedule and within their estimated cost. As part of its Accountability Implementation Plan, the Commission requires bond fund recipients to report to the Commission on a quarterly basis. These reports are reviewed by the Commission and posted on the Bond Accountability website. In addition, the Commission prepares the Semi-Annual Proposition 1B Status Report and the Annual Report to the Legislature, which include the status of the Proposition 1B Programs. Status reports for Proposition 1B programs and projects can be found at the Strategic Growth Plan Bond Accountability.

As of June 30, 2017, the Commission allocated $11.627 billion of the $12.025 billion in Proposition funds programmed under its purview. With almost all Proposition 1B funds allocated and most of the allocated projects either constructed or finishing construction, the Commission continues to monitor progress of the projects through the close-out phase of the program. As projects are completed, the Commission is working with Caltrans and project sponsors to determine the degree to which benefits identified at the time of programming have been achieved. Although, for many of the projects, the benefits will not be immediately identifiable, the Commission will continue to monitor and require that project sponsors report the benefits achieved over time. In addition, the Commission continues to consult with Caltrans, to ensure that the annual Caltrans audit plan encompasses bond funded projects.






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