State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the biennial five-year plan adopted by the Commission for future allocations of certain state transportation funds for state highway improvements, intercity rail, and regional highway and transit improvements. State law requires the Commission to update the STIP biennially, in even- numbered years, with each new STIP adding two new years to prior programming commitments.

The Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006 was approved by the voters as Proposition 1B on November 7, 2006. It authorized $2 billion in general obligation bond proceeds to be available for projects in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to augment funds otherwise available for the STIP from other sources. Under the Bond Act, the funds shall be deposited in the newly created Transportation Facilities Account (TFA) and shall be available, upon appropriation by the Legislature, in the same manner as other STIP funds.

The Commission adopted the STIP augmentation in June 2007. The 2006 STIP augmentation primarily advanced the programming for STIP projects that Caltrans and local agencies could deliver prior to the adoption of the 2008 STIP. It also provided an opportunity to program new STIP projects with the added capacity made available through Proposition 1B. The STIP Augmentation list is available upon request.

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California Transportation Commission 
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