Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP)

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The purpose of the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program is to provide funding for infrastructure improvements on federally designated Trade Corridors of National and Regional Significance, on California's portion of the National Highway Freight Network, as identified in California Freight Mobility Plan, and along other corridors that have a high volume of freight movement. The Trade Corridor Enhancement Program will also support the goals of the National Highway Freight Program, the California Freight Mobility Plan, and the guiding principles in the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan.

This statewide, competitive program will provide approximately $300 million per year in state funding and approximately $515 million in National Highway Freight Program funds, if the federal program continues under the next federal transportation act.

Eligible applicants apply for program funds through the nomination of projects.  All projects nominated must be identified in a currently adopted regional transportation plan.  The Commission is required to evaluate and select submitted applications based on the following criteria:

  • Freight System Factors – Throughput, Velocity, and Reliability;
  • Transportation System Factors – Safety, Congestion Reduction/Mitigation, Key Transportation Bottleneck Relief, Multi-Modal Strategy, Interregional Benefits, and Advanced Technology;
  • Community Impact Factors – Air Quality Impact, Community Impact Mitigation, and Economic/Jobs Growth;
  • The overall need, benefits, and cost of the project
  • Project Readiness – ability to complete the project in a timely manner;
  • Demonstration of the required 30% matching funds;
  • The leveraging and coordination of funds from multiple sources; and
  • Jointly nominated and/or jointly funded. 

Program guidelines are created in consultation with agencies identified in Governor's Executive Order B-32-15, regional transportation planning agencies, local governments, private industry, and other advocates. Prior to adoption of the guidelines, the Commission conducts numerous public workshops throughout the state to solicit input and feedback.

Program Benefits

The Trade Corridor Enhancement Program funds projects designed to move freight more efficiently on corridors with high volumes of freight. These projects increase the use of on-dock rail, improve safety by eliminating at-grade crossings, reduce impacts to surrounding communities, reduce border wait times, and increase rail capacity with double tracking.

2024 SB 1 Programs Virtual Office Hours - The Commission’s SB 1 Programming Team hosted virtual office hour sessions in March, April, and May 2024. These sessions were open to all applicants across the state and enabled applicants to discuss their project proposals with Commission staff.

2022 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program - Program of Projects (PDF) (Amended December 2023)

2022 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program - Application Receipt Log (PDF) (Fact sheets for each submitted project are linked within the document and are accessible by clicking on the project name)

2022 TCEP Guidelines (PDF) – Adopted August 17, 2022. Links associated with CalEnviroScreen were updated on pages 20 and 53 to include the most recent version of CalEnviroScreen. Language for Expenditure Deadline for pre-construction, on page 32, has been updated to include fund allocation for project development.

Advance 2022 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program Adoption (PDF)

SB 1 – Technical Performance Measurement Methodology Guidebook (PDF)

2022 TCEP Guidelines – Eligibility Criteria (PDF)

Contact Information

Kayla Giese
Program Coordinator 
Phone: (916) 281-6109

Kenneth Lopez
Data Specialist
Phone: (916)-281-6545