Local Partnership Program (LPP) - Formulaic

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The Commission established the initial 2018 Local Partnership Formulaic program as a two-year $200 million (Fiscal Years 2017-18 and 2018-19) program. The 2019 Formulaic Program includes one year of funding, $100 million for Fiscal Year 2019-20; the 2020 Formulaic Program includes three years of funding, totaling $324 million for Fiscal Years 2020-21 through 2022-23. New cycles will be programmed every two years.


Jurisdictions with voter approved taxes, tolls, or fees, which are dedicated solely to transportation improvements.

Share Distribution

The Commission will adopt the funding share for each eligible taxing authority by establishing northern and southern California shares and by attributing the proportional share of revenues from voter approved taxes, tolls, and fees and distributing in proportion based on the county’s population and revenue. Detailed information can be found in the Local Partnership Program Guidelines (PDF).

Draft LPP-Formulaic Guidelines as of June 2022 – NOTE: These are Draft Guidelines as of June 16, 2022, noting that additional changes may be proposed before final guidelines are presented and voted on at the August 2022 CTC Meeting. All draft language is subject to Commission approval.

Draft Proposed LPP-Formulaic Funding Distribution as of June 2022 NOTE: This is the Proposed LPP Formulaic Funding Distribution as of June 24, 2022. Changes may be proposed before the final Formulaic Program Funding Distribution is voted on at the August 2022 CTC Meeting. All proposed Funding Distribution amounts are subject to Commission approval.

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